Space: The Final Frontier (my ignite presentation)

My Ignite presentation was on the Space Race between Russia and the USA. An Ignite presentation is a 5 minute presentation that is made up of 20 slides that advance automatically every 15 seconds. I enjoyed researching that time period because I find the Cold War  interesting, even though a lot of the basis on why I find that interesting was spy movies. Recently during class, we had discussed different topics in history involving foreign policy, and a topic that came up was America’s competition with Russia. I decided to go out on a limb and have the Space Race be my topic for my ignite presentation.

There was so much I could research in depth about, but it made more sense for me to focus on the basic outline of what happened in order to point out the clear pattern of the competition driven advancements in the United States space program. The timeline itself could easily prove my point of the advancement in space travel being driven almost solely by  competition with Russia  and the Cold War.

As a school, being able to see Hidden Figures was amazingly because it was relevant to my topic, and it was really exciting. I began to get nervous because the entire school saw hidden figures and it gave all of my classmates some background on my presentation. I was afraid that they might not be as interested in my ignite presentation because they had already learned some information, but maybe that had got them more interested in the project. Many of them became more interested because of the movie, but many of their questions revolved around the movie, a topic that I did not study closely. I was not able to answer the questions surrounding the accuracy of the movie, but focusing solely on the events of the movie was not my goal, it was to explain a point about the entire Space Race. I enjoyed giving my presentation to my fellow classmates and teaching them about a topic that I had come to enjoy a lot through my research.

I also loved hearing about all of the other topics in which my classmates had interest, like Isabel and her fruit presentation. Id like to learn about some of their topics in more depth s the year goes on. I’m glad that we did these ignite presentation, and I hope that it continues.

“Live Long and Prosper” – Mr. Spock


2 thoughts on “Space: The Final Frontier (my ignite presentation)

  1. Thank you for your interest in my Ignite Presentation. The discussion was quite FRUITful, and I went BANANAS when someone was interested in what I had to say…..The Space Race is quite an interesting topic, because the countries were putting down money to put the first man on the moon, and it was mainly because to prove which country had the most power. How do you think flight science plays a role in battle?


  2. I love the Cold War. I Don’t love it for what it was, but for what it did. Production and industry skyrocketed, as it does in wartime situations. Our economy boomed. Many people believed in America and found patriotism in the idea of winning this technological race. Though most of it was out of fear of being taken over by the Russians, the point still stands. The cold war had one of the greatest effects on United States Economics.


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