At the beginning of the unit on immigration we read a book called The Arrival. It showed the struggles that many immigrants faced and why they decided to leave their home countries. It also showed the struggle that immigrants face when they come to a new country and do not know the language or the culture. Throughout the unit, I learned that immigration is much more than moving to a new country and having to learn a language. Immigrants struggle with discrimination and assimilation.

There is so much more to the struggle of assimilation than meets the eyes. Not all immigrants wanted to leave their home and start a new life in a new nation that has different customs than they do. America has a history of greatly encouraging immigrants to assimilate, and not accepting them if they choose to keep their culture. America has viewed itself has superior to other and it seems as though they believe that others come to America to be like them. That is not always so. In “Who Should Get In”, the author writes that many first generation immigrants do not fully assimilate, but second generation does. It is because of the fact that it is natural for people hold onto their roots and who they are. Some immigrants do not have a choice either, and they still love their home countries. Many are refugees of famine, war, or poverty. They are forced to leave the place they call home, and many times their family as well. They struggle with the choice of either losing their home or not fitting in.

There also has been so much fear that immigrants will change the culture of this country. Many people forget the fact that almost every American comes from somewhere other than the United States. This country was built by immigrants and has been called a melting pot for a reason. The culture is ever-changing in time and location. The atmosphere in Texas is different than New York or Florida, and that is what makes the country what it is. This country is made of the English, German, Irish, Italian, Chinese, Mexican, French, African, and so many other types of immigrants.

Immigration is more than just choosing to leave home because there are better opportunities in another country. It is full of struggles that many people do not realize they face.


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